Dear all visitors,

Thank you for your continued love of our products. We have been committed to providing quality products and services to our customers, and as a result, we have gained the favor and trust of many customers.

As more and more people know and need our products, they are sold to many regions. But recently we found that there are some unscrupulous merchants through the China Pinduoduo platform to attract consumers to buy fake products at cheap prices. We have bought fake products to compare with our products, hoping to tell more customers how to distinguish our products from fake ones to prevent being fooled.

All of the following pictures on the left show products are fakes:

1. Production date identification The date printed on the bottom of the counterfeit box is inconsistent with the date printed on the bottle and the bottle label date is tilted.

2. Product height identification Fake bottles are shorter than our product bottles

3. Bottle cap identification

  • (1) counterfeit flip-top opening is small and not easy to open, and no logo inside the flip-top.

  • (2) The mouth of the fake bottle is oval. The mouth of our products is round.

  • (3) Fake sealing film is plastic, will rebound after kneading, internal printing PET words. Our product sealing film is tinfoil, with no internal printing.

4. Capsule identification Fake capsules are light in quality and filled with white powder. Our capsules NMN are well filled and light yellow in color.

5. The bottom of the bottle to identify The bottom of the counterfeit bottle is rough and protruding, with the label number (2). The bottom of our NMN PLUS bottle is clearly printed and marked as (1).